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Sometimes I get a lot of people, friends, family and followers asking me which companies would I recommend for booking their trips. I always have given them an honest answer and now I have written my responses here on this post. A lot of the companies I have booked with or worked with have been fantastic and there has not been that many where I have had a disappointing experience. Here is a list of companies that I regularly come back to when researching or booking trips. I hope you (my readers) will find them useful and use them to book your trip.

Note: Some of the links below are affiliate links which at no extra cost to you, I may earn a commission if you make a purchase, which the money goes back into the website. The companies listed here are used by me and I totally recommend them. If you have any questions about the companies listed, fire me an e-mail.  


The two search engines I use to find the best airline deals out there is Momondo and Skyscanner. Momondo is fantastic as they have a calendar view which lets me see which days are the cheapest to fly and they also search a lot of booking sites of smaller companies as well as the larger online companies. I always start my flight searches with Momondo, however, if I want a second opinion, I always go to Skyscanner. With Skyscanner they include many of the budget ‘no-frill’s’ airlines when other larger search engines don’t include them. Also I use Skyscanner to compare prices with Momondo.


I do a lot of family travel now and so far when it comes to vacations in Europe, I have used Airbnb a lot and I mean A LOT! I have used Airbnb in Arctic Norway, Latvia, the Italian Alps and have never had a problem. Airbnb is a site where homeowners rent our their homes, apartments or a room to people visiting the area. This is a great way to save money. Usually I go and rent the whole property as I have a family which makes life a lot easier. Agoda is a great site to use when looking for hotels and guesthouses in Asia and I find that they offer a better rates than other accommodation search engines.


Sometimes with or without the family, the next port of call I use is which has a lot of budget accommodation. Also most of the time when reservations are made, there are good cancellation policies as well as an easy booking form to fill. In my younger years or when I travel on my own, I will also look at Hostelworld, especially on budget trips.

Travel Insurance

Doesn’t matter what sort of trip I am on, I am always covered. Apart from a passport, it is the most important thing to have on you. I always go with World Nomads and they cover everything. It covers injuries, illnesses, covers you on any accidents or trip cancellations or anything else which could go horribly wrong whilst on the road. Basically, travel insurance covers you when you are sick and need a doctor, need to be sent home, your items like cameras and laptops break or get stolen, cancel your trip, easy to get and affordable. Don’t go on a trip without travel insurance!

Travel Credit Cards

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Travel Gear

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Tour Companies

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